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Kiwi Getaway

Finding the Ultimate Kiwi Holiday

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Summer is on it's way, and for those of us lucky enough we may be heading to destinations around NZ. This community is an idea I had, to share favourite holiday spots, things to do on holiday and generally share the kiwi holiday spirit. Plus I'm heading up to Ohope beach in Jan and will be doing a spot of camping on the way!

join up, drop a line say hello and tell us where you want to go, where you are going, and what your favourite places are and things to do.

Current Earth-Destruction Status

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Holidaying in New Zealand? Pop in and say hi. Know a great spot you think people should check out? let us know!

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Got an Ep that made you cry? scream? throw things, or cringe in horror? If so, here's the place for you. Here you can discuss, share, mourn, or vent. then come over to the_301 and let us know.