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First Past the Post - Kiwi Getaway
Finding the Ultimate Kiwi Holiday
First Past the Post
Kia Ora, Hi and Hello to any and all who may be nosy enough to find and visit this site.

Summers getting close, and holidays are being planned. Where are you going?

In Jan my friends and I are heading up to Whakatane, to stay in a family flat we have at Ohope Beach. On the way we will be camping wherever we turn up. Should be fun. There are a few place that I know, but that is what this community will be fore. Anyone have any ideas where else our 3+ car convoy can visit? Is there a beach that you want to rave about?

Anyone else planning a trip and want ideas where to go? Drop a line, and all that jazz. Why go overseas, when all we want is right here.

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